What's the Story? Lesson 1


This lesson is the first of five lessons to be conducted over a three-week period and will take the full class period. Begin this lesson at the start of week 1.

Today, you will:



Large Class Activity

Share the animation, What's the Story? U.S. Obesity Trends Map with the class. Lead the class in a discussion of what factors caused the epidemic in America, including differences in diet and movement.

Work through the interactive file, What's the Story? Portion Distortion with the class. Discuss how portion size affects how we eat.

Introduce the What's the Story? Interactive Timeline. In groups, students will have the chance to explore this tool in depth. If it is the first time your students have used a graph to understand data, you will need to review the process of reading a graph. Be sure to show them the title, the x and y axis, and how to read and interpret data from a line graph.

Explain that over the next two weeks the students will research the trends of eating more and moving less in America using articles and surveys they conduct themselves. Today, they will be reviewing the research of others.

Introduce Professions

Review with your students three key professions in nutrition and movement research. Consider giving the students the names of each profession, and ask their input about what role they play.

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