Step To It Pedometers Tip Sheet

Pedometers Tip Sheet

Wanting to participate in Eat, Move, Learn and need pedometers for your students? The information below will provide you with what type of pedometer to purchase and where to purchase pedometers.

Things to Consider and Tips

The minimum components of a pedometer are the internal step counting mechanism and the external display of steps taken. Some pedometers include extra options such as safety straps, protective covers over the display and buttons and multiple function options. Keep in mind safety straps help lengthen the life of a pedometer (through less dropping on the ground – or into the toilet!) A cover on the pedometer may slightly increase cost, but will also decrease incidents of accidental resetting the pedometer during normal wear.

There are many options available for pedometers; however, for Eat, Move, Learn, the only options needed are:

  1. Step reset button (optional)
  2. Safety strap (optional)
  3. Protective Cover (optional)
  4. Reverse display–view steps taken without removing pedometer from hip (optional)—usually only available on pedometers with covers.
1. Step reset button (optional)
pedometer reset button
2. Safety strap (optional)
pedometer strap
3. Protective Cover (optional) Opens and closes at hinge. Prevents accidental resetting of step counter.
pedometer lidpedometer closed Pedometer in closed position.
4. Reverse display–view steps taken without removing pedometer from hip (optional)—usually only available on pedometers with covers.
pedometer in use on hip

On opening her pedometer, this woman can look down to get accurate view without twisting the pedometer around!

Suggested Models

NEO - single function pedometer - safety strap, cover

NEO brand

Yamax SW-200 Digiwalker Pedometer - safety strap, cover
Yamax brand

*The Yamax SW-200 Digiwalker Pedometer has been found to be very accurate according to research, but is also more expensive than most teachers can afford for their classrooms at around $20.00/pedometer. Interinstrument Consistency of the Yamax Digi-Walker Pedometer in Elementary School-Aged Children J. P. Barfield, David A. Rowe, Timothy J. Michael Measurement in Physical Education and Exercise Science, 2004, Vol. 8, No. 2, Pages 109-116 (doi: 10.1207/s15327841mpee0802_5)

Oregon Scientific wa101 - no safety strap, no cover

Oregon brand

Sportline 340 Plus - no safety strap, no cover

Sportline brand

Suggested Stores


Batteries - Pedometer batteries sometimes have a short expiration date, especially after periods of high usage. We have found that has great values on various batteries.
Straps - If your pedometer does not have a strap, any of the companies listed under Suggested Stores (link) would be good contacts for smaller quantities.
Logo - Several companies will provide your school's logo on your pedometer for a small fee. Talk to a customer service representative at one of the of the Suggested Stores (link) to see if this is an option for you.


Purchasing pedometers for your class might be a strain on your classroom budget. Check out some of the ideas listed below for funding ideas or even free pedometer resources. Remember, there may be many places in your community that might support this program – make a few phone calls to see who might help. Some examples of places to begin are:

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