Step To It Lesson 3

× The password-protected step tracker is no longer available. However, viewers are encouraged to record their steps using other methods.

This lesson should be incorporated on Monday during the last week of a 10-week period and will take the full class period. It is the final of three lessons for the Step To It Exploration.

Today, you will:



The Step To It Exploration has been an experiment with your students. Spend some time discussing the activity. Later in the day, you will create a newsletter sharing findings of the experiment. This discussion should prepare your students to do that. Review the activity with your students, asking them to discuss the components of the experiment.

The last steps of a scientific activity are to analyze the data, draw conclusions, and make recommendations for future study.

Data Analysis Activity

Newsletter Activity

Step It Up Activity

Review Step It Up activities in the Student Journal and determine which additional learning activities to do as a class.

If your class decides to continue tracking steps over the coming semester, consider using the Simplified Daily Steps Log. If you want to use the Step Tracker (no longer available), you will want to create a new class to enable a new 10-week session.


Graded Summative Assessment

If you need a graded assessment, there are at least two opportunities for grading in this activity.

  1. Participation grade: Give grades based on successful entering of Student Journal data into the Step Tracker (no longer available).
  2. Documentation grade: Give grades based on written feedback provided in journals through the Q & A section or through the Step It Up activities.

Formative Assessment

For this lesson's Consensogram, consider one of the following items:

If you would like to explore other possibilities related to pedometer use in the classroom, review the Step To It Extension Guide.

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