Step To It Lesson 1

This lesson should be incorporated on Monday of the first week of a 10-week period and will take the full class period. It is the first of three lessons for the Step To It Exploration.

Today, you will:



Using a Pedometer

Tracking Student Progress

Emphasize the importance of setting baseline data the first week. Baselines provide a standard for measurement. Scientists use baselines to see what effect a treatment has on a subject. By having your students set a baseline, they will be able to measure how much progress they made throughout the 10-week period. It will also assist them in setting step goals.


Graded Summative Assessment

If you need a graded assessment, there are at least two opportunities for grading in this activity.

  1. Participation grade: Give grades based on number of days for which data are entered
  2. Documentation grade: Give grades based on written feedback provided in the student journal, such as hypotheses and Step It Up activities

Formative Assessment

For a fun formative assessment opportunity, try using a Consensogram.

If you would like to explore other possibilities related to pedometer use in the classroom, review the Step To It Extension Guide.

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