Renovation for the Nation Lesson 1

This lesson is the first of three lessons to be conducted over a two-week period and will take one full class period. This lesson should be incorporated on Monday of the first week.

Today, you will:

"The Case Study Samples in this section were not difficult for the students to understand, and they were brief enough to keep their interest. The Planning Guide was well constructed and provided excellent examples for the groups to use in conducting their discussions."
6th Grade Teacher - Arizona



Class Activity

Review: It is recommended that your class has visited the three previous Eat, Move, Learn Explorations.

Group Research Activity


Graded Summative Assessment

If you need a graded assessment, there are at least two opportunities for grading in this activity.

  1. Participation grade: Give grades based on class discussion.
  2. Participation grade: Give grades based on group discussion.

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