Renovation for the Nation

In this Exploration:

This exploration will require four full class periods of instruction over a two-week period. Two class periods in the first week, one week of implementing experiment and two class periods in the second week preferably Wednesday and Thursday.

Lessons and Schedule


Students will:

  • Use observational study to address issues related to nutrition, health, and activity.
  • Develop study to change behavior in the advancement of nutrition, health, and activity in the home, classroom, or school environment.
  • Analyze their observation data.
  • Interpret study findings.
  • Measure success of plan.
  • Report findings.
Lesson 1 View Lesson 1
Monday of Week 1 Students will identify problems and strategies through brainstorming. Students should be divided into groups.
Lesson 2 View Lesson 2
Tuesday of Week 1

Teacher led discussion on measurement and experimental design.

In groups, students will devise their own experiment after class discussion.

Wednesday of Week 1 through Wednesday of Week 2 Begin full week of experiment Students will conduct their experiment by using their measurement tool created.
Lesson 3 View Lesson 3
Monday of Week 2 Students will review and analyze data and draw conclusions.
Thursday of Week 2 Share findings and make recommendations by writing a letter to principal or the school board using the letter templates.

National Science Standards

This exploration meets many of the National Science Education Standards, set forth by the National Committee on Science Education Standards and Assessment, of the National Research Council. Review the standards for this exploration.

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