Energy In, Energy Out Lesson 2

This full-day lesson should be incorporated after lesson 1.

Today, you will:


  1. Download the Energy In, Energy Out Student Reflection Page, and print one for each student.
  2. Set up computer with projector to show In-and-Out-O-Meter (In-and-Out-O-Meter accessibility).
  3. Familiarize yourself with the In-and-Out-O-Meter (In-and-Out-O-Meter accessibility).
  4. Schedule time in a computer lab to conduct the In-and-Out-O-Meter (In-and-Out-O-Meter accessibility) class activity. Options include:
    1. Computer lab where every student has access to the In-and-Out-O-Meter. ((In-and-Out-O-Meter accessibility).
    2. Small lab with two-to-three students per computer.
  5. Review Assessment at the end of this lesson and decide which assessment to use.


Prepare students for note taking and reflection.

Control Energy Balance; In-and-Out-O-Meter


Step it Up Activities

  1. If you plan to publish a class newsletter, have them submit it to you in proper formatting.
  2. Brainstorming: Ask your students to review this lesson by completing the following table.

Brainstorm and list the different things that you think were good about this lesson, things that you thought could be done differently and how you could improve the lesson.

Things I liked Things I didn’t like or would do differently


Graded Summative Assessment

If you need a graded assessment, there are at least two opportunities for grading in this activity.

  1. Participation grade: Give grades based on in-class discussion participation.
  2. Documentation grade: Give grades based on written feedback provided in journal, and Step it Up activities.

Formative Assessment

For a fun formative assessment opportunity, try a Consensogram.

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