Energy In, Energy Out


In this exploration:

This exploration requires two full class period of instruction.

Lessons and Schedule


Students will:
  • Use a virtual metabolic chamber to determine how many calories are burned by different activities.
  • Identify a bomb calorimeter as a tool that scientists use to identify how many calories are in a given food item.
  • Differentiate between caloric intake (consumption/energy in) and caloric output (movement/activity/energy out).
  • Read and interpret food nutrition labels to identify calories consumed per serving and “standard” serving sizes.
  • Reflect on learning experiences through journaling.
Lesson 1
Any day between the Step to It Exploration and the What’s the Story? Exploration. Students will view and discuss Energy In and Energy Out animations to better understand energy and the tools scientist use to measure it.
Lesson 2
Any day after lesson 1 Students use the In-and-Out-O-Meter to understand caloric intake and caloric output. (To review the In-and-Out-O-Meter accessiblity.) Additionally, students will use food nutrition labels to learn about foods and reflect on their experiences in his or her Energy In, Energy Out Student Reflection Page.

National Science Standards

This exploration meets many of the National Science Education Standards, set forth by the National Committee on Science Education Standards and Assessment, of the National Research Council. Review the standards for this exploration.

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