Step To It

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In this exploration:

This exploration will require three full class periods of instruction over a 10–week period — two classes in the first two weeks and one class at the end. Throughout the period, students will be using their own time to track steps and complete their journal.

Teacher Tip:

Lessons and Schedule


Students will:

Lesson 1
Monday of Week 1 Students receive pedometers and use them to track steps in a journal during first week. Students make predictions about movement over 10–week period.
Lesson 2
Monday of Week 2 Students review baseline data and use a special step-tracking tool to track steps. Students set step goals.
Weeks 2–9 Students track step data and work toward meeting recommended movement goals.
Lesson 3
Monday Week 10 Students review data collected over 10–week period, draw conclusions, make recommendations and share findings on ways to increase movement.

View some of the samples of student work

National Science Standards

This exploration meets many of the National Science Education Standards, set forth by the National Committee on Science Education Standards and Assessment, of the National Research Council. Review the standards for this exploration.

If you would like to explore other possibilities related to pedometer use in the classroom, review the Step To It Extension Guide.

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